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Just released! Ali's latest CD 'Café Columbo' - The Music of Manfredo Fest

Bert Dalton Brazil Project featuring Ali and guest artist, guitarist Phill Fest

Game Changer - Capri Records

Con Brio! - ACR Music

Jazz Folk

Con Brio!

You Don't Know What Love Is

  1. Another Time, Another Place
  2. Jazz Folk
  3. Sarah's Touch
  4. Con Brio!

  5. Where Flamingos Fly

  6. Eclipse

  7. You Don't Know What Love Is

  8. Lydian Grin

  9. 1st Gymnopedie

  10. Shadows

Con Brio!  ACR Music, 2011

Ali Ryerson, C flute & alto flute 
Mike Mainieri, vibes 
Pete Levin, piano & electric keyboard
Mike DeMicco, guitar 
Mark Egan, bass 
Danny Gottlieb, drums & percussion

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