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The Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Practice Method book

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"If I were an aspiring jazz flute player, this is the first book I would buy"  

-- Mark Levine, noted jazz pianist and author of the Jazz Theory Book and the Jazz Piano Book

"From a brilliant flutist comes this wonderful book that is a must for everyone, no matter what your level of musicianship. Not only is it informative, it contains some very slick things. I am grateful for her contributions to the flute world. Get this book!!!"  -- James Moody

"Ali Ryerson has written a beautifully organized jazz flute equivalent to the classical flutist's Taffanel/Gaubert Daily Exercises, covering the fundamental categories of jazz harmony. I particularly love the way the exercises she has written help flutists hear the important tensions in jazz changes with or without an accompanying instrument. Her method has a wonderful way of encouraging people to create their own jazz vocabulary and style without simply internalizing ‘licks’."  -- Keith Underwood

"Clear enough for the beginning jazz flutist, and a great compilation of facility exercises for the more advanced player. 
And finally, copy that is legible!" -- Holly Hofmann

"Ali's new book is a comprehensive excursion through the melodic elements of jazz with constant reference to the harmonic structures. It's a wonderful learning and teaching tool for aspiring jazz players, as well as a great review and exercise book for accomplished jazz musicians." -- John Barcellona

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