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Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Master Class

In 2020 Hidden Valley Music Seminars presents the Ali Ryerson Master Class 


Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Master Class at Hidden Valley Music Seminars

June 7 - June 13, 2020 in Carmel Valley, California

For information on attending the Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Master Class in 2018 please contact

Hidden Valley Music Seminars at or Ali at

For tuition/housing/application info, please visit:

The Jazz Flute Master Class is a week-long program of intensive jazz study, offering a unique opportunity for aspiring jazz flutists to develop their jazz conception, with an emphasis on improvisational skills, jazz flute technique, and repertoire. Our goal is to explore and strengthen the role of the flute in jazz.

Registration will be open to high school and university students, and adults. Professional flutists and teachers are encouraged to attend.

A rhythm section (piano, bass & drums) will be in residence for the week, offering the students daily experience playing in a jazz ensemble. Sessions will also be offered by the members of the rhythm section, in order to broaden the flutist's understanding of the inner workings of the jazz trio.


Rhythm Section in residence:
Steve Rudolph, piano 
John Wiitala, bass 
Akira Tana, drums


The Jazz Flute Big Band will rehearse flute ensemble arrangements daily. Alto and bass flutes will be supplied, when needed. Students will also participate in smaller ensembles.

Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled with Ms. Ryerson (included in tuition)


Daily master classes will be held, focusing on a variety of topics:

Practice techniques designed to strengthen improvisational skills 
Intermediate & advanced jazz harmony 
Understanding the relationship between chords and scales 
How to create and develop jazz motifs.

Workshops on jazz articulation, phrasing, and tone quality 
Developing transposing skills
Ear training

A study of different jazz styles; 'Bebop to Bossa Nova'
Building a jazz repertoire 
CD listening sessions

The jazz business
Discussing the challenges which face both jazz flute students in today's schools, as well as professional flutists in the jazz world.

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